The Genius Game : Igniting a World of Genius!

Soleira Green

The Genius Game redefines the nature of genius to show us that everyone has genius in them and genius is waiting in the air around us to be brought on through. No longer do you have to be a prodigy, high IQ, or one of those born with it few to bring genius into the world. Dive into the Genius Game to unleash your own and others unique genius. In this book youll learn how to speak and write genius as well as listen and ignite genius in others. Youll find in there a treasure map for genius and a brand new understanding of what genius is, where it comes from, and whats possible in a world of genius. Soleira Green is a genius enthusiast with a vision of 7 billion geniuses co-creating a genius world! She travels the globe speaking, training and coaching people to express their genius through genius creations, genius leadership and genius businesses. To find out more about Soleira and the Genius Game, go to, and