Jj Butterfly : A Father` Story of His Son` Tragic Death and the Events That Followed.

MR John P Sternig

A fathers story of his sons tragic death and the events and experiences that followed. Death of a loved one is hard enough to cope with, but the sudden death of a beloved child is one of the toughest to deal with. This is the story of what my wife and I were put through and had to deal with during the first seven years after the death of our boy JJ. I share with the reader our personal lows and highs and everything in between that we experienced. This was not an easy book to write. Some of the details and personal accounts shared were very difficult to put to words. Yet, the Holy Spirit was by my side, giving me the needed strength to complete this project. It is written with the intent to share the hardships, the trials and the immense sadness that surrounds the death of a beloved child. It is also written to inspire the reader and share with them all the love, compassion and positive human spirit that we were given from many different and unusual sources. This story also provides personal insight and advice concerning the right and wrong things to do and to say for those who find it difficult to properly express themselves during an awkward and difficult death situation. Believe me, people can be very cruel without knowing it. It is my hope this book will help prevent certain situations from becoming awkward for all involved. This story comes from my heart. Everything written are actual experiences. JJ was a great kid. He melted my heart. I miss him and will never forget him. This book is for him. With Love, John P. Sternig (Author and JJs Earthly Father)