Itsy Bitsy` Friend, Witsy

Christevelt Collection,Rachel Christopher, Illustrated by Katie Groenevelt

Itsy Bitsys Friend, Witsy, tells a simple story of perseverance. Perseverance might not be a word kids know, but hopefully it will be a concept they will understand early on. Storms, rainy days and failures are not optional in life, but perseverance and a positive attitude are. Using the familiar Itsy Bitsy rhyme, the principles found in this fun story are easier for children to remember now and in the future. Itsy Bitsys friend, Witsy, comes along side Itsy Bitsy in a difficult time to share some insight and encouragement in this book. Witsy enables you to do the same simply by reading this book to those you love. As an added bonus, Witsy includes some optional talking/teaching points after the story to encourage additional discussion if desired. CHRISTEVELT COLLECTION Christevelt Collection is a collaborative effort between Rachel Christopher and Katie Groenevelt with a goal of providing good children stories written on a foundation of truth so that children can take to heart a message of truth, love, encouragement and respect for others. It is never too early to start reading to a child - and what better thing to pour into them than quality messages that will last a lifetime. Start reading Christevelt Collection stories to infants to plant seeds of truth. Continue to read the stories to them as a toddler to water the seeds of truth and watch them grow. Then as young children, watch them produce fruits of thoughts and questions through productive conversations as they begin to reason and make decisions of their own.