Farm Shop Work - Practical Manual Training

George Marshall Brace

This book is written primarily for pupils taking agriculture in elementary and secondary schools, but also includes suggestions of great merit for farmers and others who have to deal in any way with the varied repair and construction problems of farm and village life. This text provides a series of projects in woodworking, blacksmithing, cement and concrete work, that are ideal for the amateur craftsman. The chapters contained herein include: Bench Hook, Level Square, Sawbuck, Folding Sawbuck, Porch Chair, Clothes Rack, Clothes Tree, Seed Testing Box, Sheep-Feeding Trough, Chicken Feed Box, Trap Nest, Wagon Jack, Hammer Handle, Plank Drag for Roads, Sewing Horse, etcetera. This book was originally published in 1915, and we are proud to republish it now complete with a new introduction on the subject.