F-Ing Adult Coloring Book : Cussing, Swearing, Body Parts, Euphemisms

Pischtov Chix

This book is NOT for the kinder, gentler, easily offended types. It is NOT for kids and marketed to grown ups so it can sell for more $$. No, this book is for those who arent afraid of the middle finger, or to drop the f-bomb a time or four. This is book is for the cathartic release of stress through coloring and cussing. F-ing Adult Coloring Book is for the adult hobby market featuring swear words, euphemisms, and adult themed concepts. Key word here: adult. F-ing Adult Coloring Book features the f-word over 50 times on 16 pages in various forms, along with other choice cuss and swear words. But its not all swearing, no, illustrations depicting some of your favorite sayings and euphemisms are included. And lets not forget the nipples. This coloring book has nipples (mens nipples--we have to specify since womens nipples might blind us or something), and screws, and bombs, and canoes, and waffles, oh and aliens. This coloring book has aliens. 50 original works of art, printed single sided for maximum pleasure. adult coloring, adult colouring, coloring book, mens coloring, foul language, cursing, cussing, sweary, sarcastic, irreverent, rude, crude, stress relief