Embracing No Other : Awakening Through Shamanic Plant Medicines to Non-Dual Awareness of No-Self

Will Brenman

The book Embracing No Other begins as a description of the events of Wills life that lead up to a profound shift in consciousness and details the subsequent unfolding of identity. Within his description there is an invitation and a clear message. His words invite us to question our very sense of self for Truth, to question our limitations and the self-image we hold so dear. The message there-in is a simple teaching which suggests that you may come to truly know who or what you are when you let go of what you are not. It is not so much the events of his life that are important but the pointing to the ability to surrender all for the love of truth. This shines through his words in a way that inspires and guides without being rigidly defined. This surrendering and inquiry as to his true nature, along with the grace of Spirit, led to an awakening from a limited and egoic separate self to the unbounded freedom of Being. The book gently encourages a deeper exploration of our essential nature and is a clear pointer to the Truth that is behind and beyond all spirituality, traditions and religions.